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A brand new web site providing downloads of complete album collections of excellent high quality Chillout Lounge Music MP3 tracks.

Album titles currently available are:

1. Earth Bound - 2. Karma Pala - 3. Bringing Hope - 4. Fairy Wings - 5. Funky Groove - 6. Piano & Orchestra - 7. Ultimate Relax - 8. Ultimate Relax 2 - 9. Up Beat.

More albums will be added at regular intervals.

All albums are collections of high quality MP3s in excess of 60 minutes running time and all are priced at just US$10 per album. If you have heard any of the brilliant reviews being posted about this music or have sampled these tracks from your friends and wish to purchase for yourself prior to the full web site release, just send your album request to the email address below and we will get back to you with payment and download details.
If you wish for a sample track please just request one by email.


Contact: Clive Button

Email: music@chilloutloungemusic.com


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